Copypanthers careers

Our culture

We are a team of creatives, problem-solvers, poly-glots and disruptive innovators that like to make cool apps.

Our mission

Language assets are an underutilized resource. We strive to let writers monetize on their language assets.


Awesomeness is a requirement for employment. There will be a standardized awesomeness assessment exam. ;)


CopypanthersCopypanthers is a fast moving start-up that helps SEO agencies and large e-shops with their content needs. We are essentially a back-office for companies that have a huge need for web content. We cover all the European languages and plenty more. Copypanthers is on the rise with coverage in more markets than ever before. View the jobs


WordappWordapp is a child company of Copypanthers. It's comprised of a team of rockstar developers who are creating a new tool that will revolutionize the business of online content creation. With savvy and experience, the team is developing a disruptive technology that will change the writing and publishing of any online content forever. View the jobs